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How to increase your Live Casino revenue

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The online gambling and betting market is booming. By 2023, the industry will be worth $145.6 billion (€132.9bn). That is a lot of money – and your online casino cannot afford to miss out. With so much money streaming into the industry, new online casinos are bound to pop up overnight. If you want to stay competitive and remain a major player in the industry, then you are going to need EEZE’s tools for success. 

The very best software

The very best live casinos run on top-notch software. Players want an exciting, immersive experience. Live casinos must deliver a seamless environment across multiple devices and platforms, from mobile to desktop. Our live casino experience enables your online platform to deliver a user-friendly, customizable experience to customers. Your casino must stand out from the competition, and live casino service ensures your games look unique. 

Customisable gaming experience

Casinos and live casino games differ depending on location. The live casino games you play in Europe will be different to those in East Asia or India. In addition, players’ expectations are not the same. A player in Macau will play games like baccarat or blackjack, while players in India may prefer Teen Patti. Your online casino needs to provide customers from different regions with the experience they expect and want.

Our gaming experience is 100% customisable, allowing you to deliver the ideal gaming atmosphere to customers regardless of their location. Players will enjoy a land-based casino environment with game presenters speaking in their native tongue. Along with English, you can customise your online casino to languages, including Brazilian Portuguese, Hindi, and Mandarin. 

Tailored Services

Branding is one of the most important characteristics of online gaming. An online casino needs its name and logo visible to its customers. The gaming marketplace is competitive and EEZE’s tailored services can help you stand out from the crowded live casino sector.

Our tailored services allow partners to customise their very own tables. Players can play online, while our partner’s croupiers operate from a branded table. In addition, partners can choose their very own background courtesy of EEZE’s virtual set. Players will enjoy an incredible real-life experience. In addition, customers receive a dedicated team to provide the ideal gaming atmosphere.

Gamification Suite

As you already know, the gaming industry is extremely competitive. It can be difficult to attract and retain existing players. Our Gamification Suite will help you attract new customers and retain existing ones. The Gamification Suite is a cutting-edge product that keeps players engaged while motivating them to play more often. How does our Gamification Suite work? It simply builds player loyalty using a few key areas, including:

  • Campaigns and Promotions
  • Game Tournaments
  • Leaderboards

Your customers feel valued by a live casino that provides them with different promotions, rewards, and offers. A valued player is more likely to remain loyal to your live casino brand. Our Gamification Suite helps look after your players, ensuring they keep playing. If those customers are happy, then you may attract more players. Retaining customers and attracting new ones will enable you to keep your costs low by advertising less while bringing in more revenue.

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