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Riding the Wave: Live Casino Gaming Surges in Latin America

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Live casino gaming is a growing trend in the Latin American (LATAM) market, as an increasing number of players seek the thrill and excitement of playing with real live dealers and other like-minded players online. There’s no doubt that live dealer games offer a unique experience, combining the best of both worlds: the convenience and accessibility of online gaming, and the social interaction and realism of land-based casinos. After attending SiGMA Americas in June 2023, our marketing team at Eeze has collected valuable data and forecasts in the LATAM market for the foreseeable future. 

Popular Live Game Formats

The most played live dealer casino games in the LATAM region are blackjack, roulette and baccarat, among others. The popularity of these games can be attributed to their simplicity and ease of play. Furthermore, live dealer games are easy to learn and offer the chance to win substantial amounts. This, coupled with our live casino gaming products at Eeze, ensures that players are always able to get a seat at any given live dealer table, regardless of the time of day or night.

Untapped Market Potential

To succeed in the Latin American market with live casino gaming, products must be fast, simple familiar, and provide a smooth experience regardless of the location, device or platform of the players. Some games also need to be adapted for specific markets to offer a local experience – whether it’s a special game variant or a complete product line that appeals to a certain audience and has proven to generate value for operators. Our live dealer games take into factors such as language and player preferences, apart from designs that resonate specifically with the LATAM region. We invest in researching each market to customise our games to not only suit player expectations but to also be adaptable to our partners’ platforms. Moreover, our products are launch-ready, meaning operators can hit the ground running, should they wish to add Eeze to their list of live casino games providers. 

Market Outlook

Our data collection and a report by Statista are well matched up. Gaming revenue in Latin America is forecasted to hit 3.6 billion US dollars by the end of the final quarter in 2023, which is a healthy jump up from 2.23 billion US dollars in 2018. In just five years, the LATAM market has shown steady growth which can be attributed to new operator entrants and marketing efforts to attain more players in the region. Regardless of any challenges faced such as a fragmented legal framework, gross gaming revenue (GGR) is expected to double by 2025. Our digital products at Eeze are aligned with these projections to service an ever-growing need for more quality live dealer games. Furthermore, our gamification suite aims to create a fun and rewarding experience for LATAM players, encouraging them to stay active, engaged and loyal. This, in turn, also benefits our esteemed partners by giving them the ability to increase their customer base, lower their expenses and costs, and boost their income. 

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