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The Importance of a Strong Company Culture

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At Eeze, we value a strong company culture as a key factor for success in the competitive business environment. A great company culture shapes the way our employees think and act and influences their performance and satisfaction. Did you know that a positive and healthy company culture can result in happier employees, higher efficiency and more loyal customers? Here are some of the great advantages.

Fostering Innovation

A great work culture can inspire team members and individual staff to think outside of the box – this is how new ideas are freely born. We believe that when your employees feel valued, appreciated and supported, they are more inclined to take risks and be more innovative comfortably.

Enhancing Reputation

Building trust and your company’s culture go hand in hand. As a matter of fact, it can help your business attract talented applicants and retain them. It’s a known fact that people who are happy at work are more likely to speak about the company in a positive light to friends or family, or even online at business networking sites such as LinkedIn.

Increasing Employee Retention

It’s a proven fact that employees who feel valued and connected to their work culture, are highly likely to stay with the organization for a longer period. As an indirect bonus, this can help minimise turnover rates and save your company on expensive recruitment and training costs.

Optimizing Productivity

If your aim is to improve productivity, setting a culture that’s best for your staff is a great way to achieve this. When employees are happy at what they do and are engaged in their tasks, there’s a strong chance that goals will be achieved along with increased motivation.

Minimising Misconduct

Reducing misconduct is another top benefit of having a great company culture. As an employee, feeling valued and supported, you are less likely to engage in unethical behaviour or violate a company’s policies. Leading by example as a senior or manager shows your employees that you are a role model they can follow.

Eeze Company Culture in Practice

We at Eeze put great value on innovation, entertainment and fun in every experience. With over 20 years of experience in the iGaming industry as a live casino provider(since 2017), and with more than 300 amazing people from across the globe, our talent, ambition and drive to create and innovate paves the way into the future. Our live casino iGaming hub constantly strives to create new, industry-leading formats and experiences that capture people’s attention and keep it there.

Part of our goals is to have a clear and inspiring purpose that is parallel with the values and goals of our staff. Over the years, we have built our culture around a shared passion for giving feedback. We are believers in encouraging transparent and honest conversations that focus on work improvement rather than judging. We also motivate our staff to openly volunteer, donate and participate in great community projects that support charitable organizations. Eeze often organizes fun and social events that reflect the interests and hobbies of our teams such as sports days, meet and greets at SiGMA, fun runs, casino nights, and more.

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